Master Aryen Suresh Kute

Founder & CMD - OAO INDIA
aryen kute, founder of oao india

The ideation of OAO INDIA is done by Master Aryen Suresh Kute, a young & dynamic individual. At a very young age, his vision, to establish an IT and Game Development company, is truly commendable. He is the founder and chairman of OAO Info India Pvt. Ltd. Master Aryen Suresh Kute attends the team meetings regularly and is gaining practical knowledge about the industry from his parents.

Master Aryen Suresh Kute at an early age had a liking for playing video games and mobile games. His curiosity led him to take interest in gaming and new technologies. He also studied and developed an understanding of software products and services.
All these together motivated him to start an IT company named OAO (Online-Aryen-Organization) INDIA. An enthusiastic child prodigy, Master Aryen’s participation in the industry visits, board meetings of the company, and close association with sales and marketing teams accompanying his parents and role models- Mr. Suresh D. Kute and Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute (the Founders and MD’s of The Kute Group – A leading entity catering products and services in various sectors) from an early age has blessed him with the insight and vision of a true entrepreneur. His interest and efforts in embarking the journey of OAO INDIA are inspirational. Master Aryen Suresh Kute has developed strategy and guiding our team OAO INDIA excellently in the journey of game development. He has received the “Youngest Entrepreneur Award” in “Entrepreneur Excellence Awards-2019″ at ‘Vivanta by Taj-Aurangabad’ organized by 94.3 MY FM.