The Kute Group has introduced its Coconut Oil products under the “Tirumalaa” brand, following its enormous success in the edible oil business. This product results from the years of hard work to create high-quality products for the welfare of humanity. And thus, we decided to launch coconut oil that is natural, chemical-free, and top-quality.

Our coconut oil is made from the fine-grade coconuts exported from Southern India – the land of coconuts. After coconuts are transported to our advanced units, further processing begins, and the end product – Tirumalaa Coconut Oil, is produced.

At our state-of-the-art units, we follow standard procedures and quality checks to ensure and uphold the purity and quality of coconut oil. Also, proper sealing is done to ensure that oil doesn’t leak and lasts longer. The credit for handling all these activities goes to the expert team who use their industry knowledge and experience to make the best coconut oil in India, which is preferred by thousands of Indians due to its purity and quality.


Different packaging materials offer different storage and dispensing options. That is why we have Tirumalaa Coconut oil in convenient sizes that best suit everyone’s needs.